Rough Start soap bar




Rough Start Rough Start is our most aggressive exfoliating bar. Made with both pumice and loofah, it’s a sure fire way to “wake up” in the morning! The scent is a well liked, unisex blend of citrus and woods.

For other gentle exfoliating bars, you can look at these!

Ingredients include moisturizing oils of olive, hemp and castor, with coconut oil and rich cocoa butter to protect the dermal layer. All soaps include food grade sodium hydroxide that chemically turns into a salt during the soap making process, making it great for the skin! We then choose micas and essential/fragrance oils to make our bars an aromatherapy treat!
 *For longest life, cut bars in half and allow to dry properly between use. We are always gluten free and do not test on animals.
Our bars are made from scratch, hand poured, cut, then packaged with care. Each bar is a generous 5+ ounces!

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