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All-Natural Mouthwash: With the knowledge that everything that goes “on” the body, goes “in” the body, Paisley Lane has been in the pursuit of better self care. Paisley Lane’s All-Natural Mouthwash not only freshens the breath, but it’s power packed with natural additives like peroxide, trace minerals and xylitol to whiten, brighten and strengthen teeth.

Directions for Use: Use approximately four teaspoons, swishing well to provide a gentle rinse between teeth. Spit in sink. Children under 10 should be supervised when using this product.

Ingredients: Distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, xylitol, trace minerals, polysorbate, essential oil.

*All-Natural, Glycerin free, SLS free, Triclosan free, Fluoride free, DEA free, Not tested on animals, Made in the USA (in Delavan, IL).

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