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Welcome home.

Welcome to our blog. The creation of this blog is to provide more detailed information about our products and ingredients so that you, the consumer, are able to make informed decisions when purchasing from our store. I’ll also sprinkle in healthy tips, recipe ideas, encouragement, a little bit of fun, and life skills that I’ve picked up along the way. At some point we trade youth for character, and what a shame not to share!

Today’s blog is simply a step inside my world so that you have the opportunity to know the person behind the products. First of all, I love my God and I desire to serve Him by serving others. My family is next on my love list. After many years of trying for a family, without success, God opened my womb and made Psalm 113:9 true in my life: “He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord.” As my children have grown older and married and have children of their own, my family and love continue to grow into the next generation.

And then there’s Earl. Earl Grey, the cat. I loved and tolerated Earl because I had to for the first year. After coming up missing recently and returning weary on the seventh day, I am inclined to believe he’s a very loyal pet. He reappeared as a nice cat, so I’m not totally convinced this isn’t Earl’s brother, but I do have a new love and respect for the little guy, irregardless.

I’ve always had an interest in birds and flowers, for whatever reason. I find it so fascinating that out of a single seed, God provides us with the most dramatic display of color, texture, and scents. I love the springtime when the earth awakens from its chilly slumber. The blanket of snow that quiets the earth is peeled back so that once again life and color can bloom forth, and the birds join in the celebration with a chorus of melodies that beckon us to the outdoors. I particularly enjoy the wrens that sing outside my dining room window. We started naming them: Beatrice, Hazel, and this year we had one that screeched all the time at Earl. She had a name too, but I’m not telling.

Welcome to our world. We’re glad to have you with us.

IMG_950931 years ago I met the man that I would spend the rest of my life with.


Our three children, Wes, Erin and Emily along with our newest daughter, Katelyn.

IMG_3827The next generation

DSC_1039Earl Grey. He’s slowly becoming my cup of tea.


Flowers. I love them all!


Beatrice and Hazel make this their home.