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All new, fabulous holiday scents to make your home feel festive!



SMELLY JELLY: These are a non toxic air freshener made to be refreshed. Smelly jellies are made with gel like crystals that can absorb up to 400 times their weight in water, making beautiful gel-like crystals. The water will evaporate over time, but have been known to last 6-9 months. These are great for any living area, office/work stations, lockers, senior living spaces, college dorms, bathrooms, or even in the car. (if using in the car, water will evaporate more quickly). Make the greatest gifts!

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, crystals, water soluble dye, fragrance oils.

  • To refresh, simply add 1 tsp of either distilled (recommended), or bottled water and shake. Tap water will cloud.
  • Add some of the crystals to a plug-in fragrance wax melt warmer (outlet type, no open flamed burners!) along with a few drops of water.
  • Add to an electric candle warmer plate to fragrance the whole room
  • These make great gifts!! Senior living centers, college dorms, Christmas or Birthday gift giving and teenagers love them!!
  • A nice alternative to candle burning.
  • When opening, gently push up (to avoid spillage) on the canning seal and discard.
  • Smelly Jelly is NOT EDIBLE!! Harmful if swallowed. Please seek medical help immediately.
  • Smelly Jelly expands with water so please DO NOT PUT DOWN DRAIN OR FLUSH IN TOILET! Simply throw away in garbage. They are biodegradable. If accidentally put down sink, pour table salt directly into drain.
  • Do not place Smelly Jelly on unprotected surfaces.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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