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Pura-Teeth Toothpaste. With the knowledge that everything that goes “on” the body, goes “in” the body, Paisley Lane has been in the pursuit of better self care. With a coconut oil base and a combination of mineral-rich ingredients, there’s a new normal in how we think about toothpaste. Pura-Teeth remineralizes, hardens the enamel, detoxifies, whitens teeth over time, desensitizes, and is rich in silica. It can help prevent gingivitis, bleeding and receding gums, and remove tartar and plaque. It’s free of SLS, glycerin, triclosan, fluoride and DEA. Pura-Teeth Toothpaste sets a new standard in oral health care.

Directions for Use: Stir before each use. Less all natural paste is required for adequate brushing. Wet brush thoroughly with water before brushing.

  • Spit in trash after brushing to eliminate oily buildup in drain. Rinse as usual with Paisley Lane all natural mouthwash.
  • Liquid coconut oil [fractionated] may be added if a thinner product is desired.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, food grade diatomaceous earth, calcium carbonate, food grade kaolin and bentonite clay, essential oils, xylitol, food grade activated charcoal.

*All-Natural, Glycerin free, SLS free, Triclosan free, Fluoride free, DEA free, Not tested on animals, Made in the USA (in Delavan, IL).

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