Barefoot in the Rain soap bar




BAREFOOT IN THE RAIN: This is the perfect unisex scent with watery green leaf, warm amber, fresh ozone and clean! This is also an exfoliating bar with added pumice sand to remove dead skin cells and leave skin baby soft.

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Ingredients include coconut oil, any combination of moisturizing oils: olive, almond, rice bran, hemp, palm and/or castor. coconut milk, cocoa butter, and food grade sodium hydroxide. Bars may also include micas, exfoliants, and essential oils/fragrance.
 *For longest life, cut bars in half and allow to dry properly between use. We are always gluten free and do not test on animals.
Our bars are made from scratch, hand poured, cut, then packaged with care. Each bar is a generous 5+ ounces!

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